PDO Thread Lift

As we age, our skin naturally begins to weaken due to a loss of collagen and elastic tissue which results in loose skin around the mouth, jowl, cheek and neck area.PDO thread lifts are designed to help restore your facial structure by lifting and tightening the skin to reduce the visible signs of ageing without surgery. It is a minimally invasive technique which can be carried out with topical or local anaesthesia.

PDO threads (polydioxanone) have been used in medicine for many years, mainly in surgery. They have a proven safety record. PDO threads are effective in relaxing the muscles while stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin. PDO threads also stimulate the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, vital for creating a youthful looking skin. They are fully dissolvable in the body in 6-9 months, breaking down into water and carbon dioxide. Thus the product is not only biocompatible in the body, but also biodegrabale. The results can last up to two years, although to maintain the natural, youthful look many clients wish to have more PDO threads before then. PDO threads can be combined with wrinkle relaxation treatment and dermal fillers.

A typical treatment involves the placement of the desired number of threads, which may range from a single thread per side but can involve 50 threads or more to treat the face and neck. Various entry points are considered depending on the individual face shape and requirements. Local anaesthetic may be injected to make the procedure as pain free as possible. The threads are introduced with a needle or a blunt ended cannula which is removed once the threads have been positioned. Threads which are used to reposition the skin will have the ends protruding after insertion and they are trimmed to below the level of the skin once the desired lift has been achieved. Smooth threads are anchored to lift and stimulate collagen.

The patients is able to fully resume their everyday routine within a couple of days.

PDO thread therapy is a tailor made treatment which can be adjusted to the patients requirements. When PDO threads are combine with PRP, fillers and wrinkle relaxation great results can be achieved.